Wellness in the workplace

Wellness in the workplace


1 x Group Fitness / Pilates / HIIT / Barre Fitness session


1 x Group Fitness session

1 x Yoga/Pilates/Barre session

1 x interactive Q&A session with the instructor


2 x Group Fitness sessions

2 x Yoga/Pilates/Barre sessions

1 x Guided Meditation session

1 x interactive Q&A session with the instructors

Wellness programs in the workplace can help reduce absenteeism due to sickness by 27%, thus decreasing healthcare costs for companies by 26%.

(Source: WHO)

70 millions workdays are lost in the UK each year due to mental health issues, with a yearly cost of approximately £2.4 billion to employers.

(Source: Mental Health Foundation)

Wellness programs provided at work can improve staff retention rates, employee motivation, commitment and productivity.

(Source: HSENI)

re:sculpt Personal Training offers you a diverse range of certified fitness instructors, all from a professional performance background. They are extensively trained, and have unbeatable experience in body and lifestyle improvement.

We offer you an exceptional fitness service, guiding and helping you along your fitness journey, to leave you feeling fresher, fitter and healthier, in mind and body.

We provide an unsurpassed level of commitment and enthusiasm in your sessions.


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