Personal training

Wellness in the Workplace

What we do

At re:sculpt personal training, we offer premium fitness and wellness sessions for businesses looking to connect with their employees and to enhance their work life balance. Our certified re:sculpt instructors are professional, engaging, and inspirational. They have a wealth of experience and are creative individuals who ensure all sessions are delivered to an unbeatable level of expertise. 

Our mission at re:sculpt personal training is to provide an exceptional fitness service to all of our clients, delivering our fitness and wellness sessions with integrity, clarity and purpose. We cater to all individuals, working with you to deliver the experience businesses want for their employees when it comes to wellness in the workplace.

We offer an opportunity for businesses to engage further with their employees, for them to demonstrate a level of understanding of how important their welfare is to the company. We know that many workplaces are now installing wellness spaces and gyms within their workplaces, but without the extra encouragement for employees to use these facilities as a workplace community, the benefits are not being fully capitalised on.

Sessions available & how they work

Everyone attending our fitness and wellness sessions should experience a fulfilling and engaging physical and mental workout. To this end, we have 3 pre-designed packages for businesses, highlighted below, which offer flexibility in both style and length of sessions. We are also always happy and open to discussing new and innovative ways to work with our clients to improve wellness in the workplace. 



1 x Group Fitness / Pilates / Yoga / Barre Fitness session

The re:energize package is our 1 hour offering, perfect as a regular booking, something that employees can look forward to as part of their working week. There is the choice to have the same instructor each session to build a strong rapport with employees, or it can also be nice to alternate between a couple of our instructors, to give variety in session styles and really aim to cater to all employee needs. 



1 x Group Fitness session

1 x Yoga/Pilates/Barre session

1 x interactive Q&A session 

Our re:invigorate package can be booked as a morning or afternoon session, which can work really well as a once-a-month incentive for employees. This package offers the opportunity to start with a physical workout, getting everyone’s heart rates pumping, energizing anyone who might be feeling sluggish. This is followed by a more calming exercise session, bringing focus and clarity to people’s minds to amplify wellness in the workplace. The package finishes with a half hour Q&A session with the instructor. This is the opportunity for employees to learn more about how to maintain positive exercise habits, for them to air any mental blocks towards exercise that they may have, to gain insight into tips for a healthy lifestyle, the list goes on. It’s a really nice way to have an informal chat with our highly personable fitness coaches, leaving employees feeling motivated and positive.



2 x Group Fitness sessions

2 x Yoga/Pilates/Barre sessions

1 x Guided Meditation session

1 x interactive Q&A session with the instructors

The re:plenish package is a full day’s experience of fitness and wellness. Depending on the size of the organisation, this can either be tailored for smaller companies so that all employees experience all of the classes, or for the larger companies, so that everyone gets to experience something of their preference. This package is a fantastic opportunity for employees have some well-earned leisure time, and to strengthen their community vibe, enhancing their relationships with each other and maximise wellness in the workplace.

Wellbeing benefits for employees

The wellbeing of employees, is now, more than ever, becoming an important consideration for businesses. Numerous research has been conducted demonstrating how workplace wellness programs can reduce absenteeism, improve motivation, boost morale and production levels, and increase employee retention rates. And these are just a few of the most obvious benefits for wellness in the workplace.  

Let’s look at some statistics. The Mental Health Foundation estimates that an initial investment of £40k (£80 per employee for a 500-employee company) in wellbeing at work programs, would see a net return of £347,722 in savings for the company. With a wellness program in place, employees are 60% less likely to be absent from work, and a huge 87% of potential employees take into consideration the wellness offerings of a company when seeking a new role. 

Wellness in the workplace is a vital part of company life, no matter how many employees there are. No company is too big or too small to be checking in on their employees, ensuring that they are gaining enough downtime, that they feel connected to other workers (especially for those that now work from home full time), and that they are receiving any mental health support that they may need.  Stress levels and depression rates are increasing, and it would be counterproductive for a company to ignore these facts. This being said, research in 2019 demonstrated that only 25% of companies have a wellness program in place. 

The short story is that by investing in employee wellness and by offering programs such as fitness and health sessions, the workplace will be a happier and more proactive place. 

Factors that influence wellbeing 

Our overall wellbeing is influenced by all parts of our lives, by factors that affect our health, both physical and mental. It’s important that we acknowledge them, understand them, and learn how best to manage them for ourselves, so that we can lead balanced, healthy lifestyles. We’ve listed the key factors for you to consider when it comes to your wellbeing.


Physical exercise has a great effect on our wellbeing. The amount we exercise can determine how healthy our bodies are and how resilient we are to illness and injury. It can strengthen our capacity to deal with mental health issues and is a huge boon to wellness in the workplace. Exercise affects our hormones, our energy levels, our emotions- it will impact on every part of your life, and therefore your overall wellbeing.

Career fulfilment 

Many of us spend a large proportion of our time working, and thus whether we find it fulfilling, or not, will affect our mental wellbeing. The LinkedIn 2022 Workplace Learning Report highlights the increasing necessity for businesses to offer development, learning opportunities and progression within the company to enhance employee wellness and increase employee satisfaction rates.

Our community 

Our personal relationships, with friends, family and loved ones, are instrumental to our lives, and help to determine the condition of our overall wellness. It’s important for people to feel that they are part of a community, no matter how big or small, at work and at home. As proven in the recent Covid pandemic, increased isolation resulted in an increase in mental health issues. We need to connect for our minds to remain healthy and that starts with wellness in the workplace.


What we put into our bodies, the nutrients we give ourselves, plays a vital part in our wellness. Diet, like exercise, affects our energy levels, our moods, and our overall health. 


Rest and relaxation are a necessity for all of us. Without enough downtime and good quality sleep, our moods can deteriorate, our mental health can suffer, and we can be more susceptible to illness and injury. We can lose the ability to think with clarity and to focus on the tasks at hand. Ensuring we get enough rest and relaxation will enhance our overall wellness and wellness in the workplace is a big part of this.

Stress management

Stress exists for all of us, coming from different sources and at varying levels of intensity. The effects of stress can be both physical and mental, sometimes with devastating results. It is, therefore, imperative that we manage our stress levels through positive means such as exercise, rather than by means that may actually have other negative repercussions, such as excessive drinking. Gaining balance in our stress management techniques is important so that we’re not trying so hard to de-stress that we’re actually putting more pressure on ourselves. Effective stress management really is a tricky one, and a constant work in progress due to the ever-changing events in our lives that can impact on our stress levels.