“re:sculpt Personal Training has been a great support for me to evaluate and start on workout regime. Amy Kinnear was a great coach for me, she handled me with all my conditions, highly motivating and pushing me to next level. Every session that I had with her was one that look forward every week. Becky was all fun to talk to while onboarding. Great bunch of people who are focused to help people to get fitter. Definitely recommend the duo.” 
Madhu D.


“The workouts are so varied each time I go so I never get bored and always look forward to it, which is a big thing for me.”


“…consistently supportive, motivational, and understanding throughout. Every session has been tailored to achieve my goals, and includes elements that challenge me, as well as making it fun. We have worked together through some pretty big lifestyle changes… I wouldn’t change the last 6 months for anything, and I cannot wait to see what we achieve over the next 6!”
Sarah H.


“In 4 months of PT sessions I cannot believe the amazing difference in my fitness, strength, and mental well-being.  ”


“The training schedule was tailored to my needs and most importantly, enjoyable to do! After the first month, I was enjoying it so much, I decided to go for a second schedule, upping my training days from three to four times a week. Very down to earth and lovely to work with. ”
Manon K.


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