Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning- our top 3 tips for a healthier lifestyle

Spring cleaning – our top 3 tips for a healthier lifestyle

We are officially in Spring, and that means it’s time for some Spring cleaning.

Now you might be wondering what Spring cleaning has to do with working out, but we’ve definitely got some fabulous benefits to let you in on.


Your wardrobe

This has to be the best one, right? What could give your workout motivation more of a boost than cleaning out your wardrobe and drawers of all the winter workout gear and treating yourself to some new Spring vibing leggings and tops. Think pastels and bright colours, light and airy tops. We guarantee it -nothing will give you more of an energy kick than a new outfit! Go check out the new season offerings at Lululemon and Sweaty Betty and treat yourself to feeling like a million dollars when you next hit the treadmill or fitness studio. You’ll work harder and you’ll achieve better results. It’s a win all round.


Your diet

Let’s lose the stodgy winter pies and mash with a bottle of red, and Spring clean our home menus to a more Mediterranean offering. Fish and light meats if you’re not a vegetarian or vegan, couscous and quinoa-based dishes, grilled vegetables and drizzled in olive oil salads, houmous and avocados with a squeeze of lemon and pinch of salt. Should we go on?! Spring clean your dietIf you’re reading this and now thinking “But what about the wine?!”. Fear not. We’re not asking you to go T-total but do be mindful that as tempting as it is to replace the red with the rosé and the whites, these do have a higher sugar content. Maybe turn to a gin & tonic instead if you do fancy something, or a vodka, lime & soda. Refreshing and still super tasty.


Your daily routine

As the mornings get lighter, it becomes so much easier on our minds and bodies to get out of bed that bit earlier. It’s the perfect time of year to Spring clean your routine and be a bit more “get up and go”. Try and get your workout in before you start work and see how it affects your energy levels and your state of mind for the rest of the day. Don’t go over the top, you don’t want to do such a full-on workout that you crash and burn by midday. 30 minutes of exercise that raises your heartbeat slightly is a great starting point. This might be a fast uphill walk, a slow and steady jog, some flow yoga, a swim, a resistance workout. There are so many good options, and it really is trial and error to see what works for you. Hopefully you’ll feel energized, positive, and ready to take on whatever the day throws at you. Your productivity levels will increase and you’ll really feel capable of getting **** done.



Written by Becky Barrett.

Becky Barrett  has an extensive background in fitness coaching and personal guidance. Driven by her holistic approach to people management and coaching, she launched re:sculpt with the aim to inspire women to want to discover their fitness journey. Becky is passionate about offering a bespoke approach to fitness that considers every individual’s requirements.

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