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re:sculpt Personal Training is an award-winning fitness agency. We provide a premium personal training service by cherry-picking the very best in personal trainers and offering them to you for personal fitness coaching online in the privacy of your home or chosen location for Strength Training.

re:sculpt was founded by Becky Barrett, a fitness instructor and talent manager with almost 20 years of professional experience in her fields. Becky originally trained and worked as a professional ballerina, performing internationally with world renowned companies such as English National Ballet and Gekidan Shiki, Japan. She brings her expertise in health and fitness together with her motivational skills and extensive knowledge of what constitutes good talent, to source top-rate instructors for re:sculpt Personal Training who deliver exceptional training for their clients.

All of our instructors at re:sculpt Personal Training are from professional performance backgrounds and have full fitness certification. This means that not only can they offer superb fitness training programmes, but they also have that special something when it comes to their personalities. They will deliver you a fitness session that is effective and enjoyable. You won’t find instructors that are more driven, committed and personable.

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What we do Islington

re:sculpt Personal Training offers you a highly accessible form of personal fitness training. We’re offering a bespoke, premium service where personal training comes to you. We offer you online fitness coaching in the privacy of your own home, or at a suitable outdoor location near your home or workplace. 

We believe in providing a fitness experience that is successful, motivational and inspirational, bringing you exceptional personal trainers who you want to train with. Our fully certified personal trainers are head hunted and selected for their expertise and their honest, down-to-earth, fun personalities. Our goal is to offer personal training which you enjoy. This means you’ll be more likely to stick with it and more inclined to incorporate it into your lifestyle on a regular basis. 

Our values at re:sculpt include honesty and integrity. We want to help people experience fitter and healthier lifestyles through strength training. If we don’t think we have the “right” instructor for your needs, we won’t advise that you work with us. Your requirements come first in our minds. We value your opinions and your client experience. We want to help as many people as possible lead fitter and healthier lives and to achieve this we deliver a personal training experience that is second to none for strength training in Islington. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.

Strength Islington Training Options

Our Strength Training sessions are held online, at your home, inside or outside, or at an outside location near your home or workplace.

Personal Training – 1 to 1

Your personal training session will last for one hour. Your instructor will take you through a warm-up, followed by a full-body workout involving resistance training, weights and HIIT, finishing up with a stretch and cool down. Prior to your first session, you will have the chance to chat with your instructor about your fitness goals, any particular exercise likes and dislikes, giving you both the chance to agree a suitable training program. Your workout will be designed specifically for your needs and ability.  

Price per single session = £65

Monthly package (1 session per week) = £250

Train with a friend

If you want to have extra motivation, accountability, and maybe a few extra laughs in your training sessions, the train with a friend option is a great one. This training session will be 45 minutes long and is the same price as the 1 to 1 session, meaning it’s half price for each of you. Both of your individual needs and abilities will be considered by the instructor, to produce a training program that works for you both. 

Price per session = £65

Monthly package (1 session per week) = £250

Small group training session 

For a small group fitness session, we’ll probably need to train you in your garden or an appropriate outside location convenient for you. This means the instructor has more freedom to get you all moving around without accidently knocking each other out! Small group fitness sessions are lots of fun, enjoyed weekly by groups of friends before a coffee, by work colleagues wanting a “time out” in the middle of their working day, and also as part of special occasion day events. Sessions last for 45 minutes, and we’ll need 4 of you at a minimum to book this package. You can be guaranteed to work super hard, and have a laugh whilst you’re at it. 

Price per session = £18 per person (minimum of 4 people)


About Jamie

Jamie is certified Level 3 personal trainer, who delivers groups fitness sessions and 1 to 1 tailored sessions to a diverse range of clients. 

Jamie has always had a passion for physical activity. As a kid, he was awarded various medals at karate competitions, and he then went on to become a professional musical theatre performer, working in West-End shows such as Take That’s The Band.

Jamie specialises in HIIT training alongside strength building and total body conditioning. His energy is addictive, you will absolutely love his training personality. You can expect to get sweaty in your training sessions with Jamie, and you’ll end your session on a high with a definite feeling of accomplishment. He’s compassionate and understanding when it comes to any issues you may be experiencing or worries you may have regarding your training, and he’ll be sure to be 100% supportive in helping you to reach your goals. 

Jamie’s motivational skills are second to none, and he will always be full of energy for your session. He will teach you how to have the best mindset for your training schedule and he will adapt your workout to your specific needs at the time. 

Benefits of strength training

Strength training has been shown to have benefits for chronic disease management. Regular strength training has demonstrated decreased pain for those suffering from arthritis and has resulted in improved glucose control for Type-2 diabetes patients.


Strength training increases your muscle mass, making you stronger and helping to boost your metabolism. You’ll burn calories more efficiently.

Strength training can help reduce your risk of injury, especially as your body ages. It will strengthen your muscles and ligaments, help support your joints, and improve your range of motion and mobility.


Without a doubt, strength training can improve your self-confidence. Studies have shown that as we feel stronger physically, we start to believe we are more capable of achieving things and out productivity levels increase. You will feel more positive about your body image and will have improved self-esteem.


Research has concluded that regular strength training improves your cardiovascular health. It can lower your blood pressure and reduce the risk of health problems such as hypertension and cardiovascular disease.



Should I be strength training?

Yes! Strength training doesn’t have to mean lifting heavy weights and creating bulky physiques. The aim of strength training is to build and maintain muscle strength so that your everyday functional movements are easy, your joints and bones are full supported, and you minimise your risk of injury. 


What does a training session involve?

You’ll start with a warm-up to get your blood flowing and make sure your body is prepared for your workout. This will be followed by your main workout section, which can include weight training, resistance training, body weight training and HIIT training. The session will be tailored according to your ability and fitness goals. You’ll end the session with a cool down and stretch.


What time of day should I train at?

This is completely individual. You should train when it feels best for your body. It’s pointless dragging yourself out of bed for a 6am workout if you are naturally a night owl. You just won’t perform at your best and you won’t achieve the best results for you.


How much space do I need to train?

If you’re having a 1 to 1 session, you really don’t need a lot of space. Most exercises can be performed in a space the size of a yoga mat. Try to ensure you don’t have a coffee table or low-hanging light etc around you that might restrict your movements. Space to lie down fully and stretch out your arms to the side and above your head is a minimum requirement.


Should I train if I’m not feeling well?

If you’ve just got the sniffles, then you should be okay. But if your body feels overly tired, you have aches and pains, or you’re suffering with full-on cold symptoms, we advise not to. Please take a Covid test before training if you have any related symptoms.


Jamie demonstrates each move, and joins in, giving us prompts during the class so we remember, especially if we were working through a sequence. This is really helpful, as some instructors would just name the moves. It’s difficult to copy others over zoom. He always gives at least two options, so anyone who needs a low impact version could also have a high intensity workout. … he was great at programming workouts that catered for all abilities, taking advantage of the space. There were options for those of us who wanted to progress, but also for people working out for the first time in several months he would offer alternative moves. The workouts incorporate different moves which kept things interesting if regularly attending, also giving you a strong base to build on and develop. I can lift heavier dumbbells and run faster now than I could before lockdown! Again, Jamie offered clear instructions, frequent demos and constructive adjustments before and during each exercise.

Shoshana W

We can’t wait to have you training with re:sculpt!

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