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Who we are

re:sculpt was founded by Becky Barrett, a highly experienced talent manager and fitness instructor. Having performed herself with internationally famous companies such as English National Ballet and Gekidan Shiki, Japan, Becky understands the drive, motivation and commitment it takes to remain in top form physically and mentally.  After teaching fitness and dance at all levels for almost 20 years and managing high-end talent in the performing arts industry for 10 years, she has combined her exceptional knowledge and experience to bring the very best available fitness instructors to client doorsteps, to provide them with bespoke and effective fitness instruction.

re:sculpt Personal Training quickly achieved award-winning status as an agency and has been featured across top publications including Stylist, Health & Wellbeing and Female First. We deliver bespoke fitness training with fully certified instructors who have extensive experience and knowledge in what they teach. Instructors travel to the location of your choice, at or near your home or workplace, either inside or at an appropriate outside location. At re:sculpt Personal Training, we believe your fitness journey should not only be successful, but most of all enjoyable, and we only work with instructors who have personalities we’d be happy having a cup of coffee with every day.

Our instructors offer a diverse range of fitness training. We believe in hybrid training programs which incorporate elements of much-needed strength building and conditioning exercises, combined with other premium fitness options such as Barre and Pilates. By bringing variety to your workouts, you can expect to achieve better results, by keeping your motivation and interest levels high, and by challenging both your mind and body consistently. 

Amy Kinnear

What we do

Personal training should be fun, end of. It should be something you actually look forward to, as well as something you gain results from. That’s why at re:sculpt Personal Training, our mission is to provide a fitness training service which is motivational and inspirational for you, alongside getting you the results you want. We specialise in hybrid fitness training, offering a variety of fitness styles from our expert instructors, including strength and conditioning training in Esher.

Before you start personal training with re:sculpt, we’ll discuss your individual goals and requirements, and we will ensure that the instructor you will be working with is right for you. At re:sculpt, we work with integrity and honesty. If we don’t feel we can offer you what you need right now, we’ll try to advise you on alternative options. We value our client experience, and we ensure that you get both value for money and purposeful training. 

At re:sculpt personal training, our instructors are not only certified fitness instructors, but have professional performance backgrounds. They have unsurpassable knowledge in personal body health and fitness and the challenges that life can ask of you physically and mentally. This means that our instructors are the best placed possible to work with your worries, concerns, and yes, excuses. They’ll guide you, support you, and motivate you, whilst building your confidence levels and helping you to reach your goals.

Maybe you’re thinking you don’t have the time or the inclination to go to the gym to train with a personal trainer? We’ve thought of that. Our personal trainers train you online for your strength and conditioning session, at a location that works for you. You won’t be waiting around to use certain equipment, and you won’t be squeezing extra travel time into your daily life, and you won’t have anybody else eyeballing you whilst you work out. 

Strength & Conditioning in Esher Training Options

Our training session options can be held online at your home or workplace, inside or outside, location and weather dependent.

Personal Training – 1 to 1

This is a one hour personal training workout session, 1 to 1 with your instructor. Before starting your training, you’ll have a free of charge chat with your instructor to discuss your fitness goals and to work out a training schedule. The session itself will last for up to an hour, and this will involve a full-body workout, focusing on strength and resistance training, body conditioning and all-over body mobility. Exercises will be tailored to your fitness levels and individual requirements. 

Price per single session = £65

Monthly package (1 session per week) = £250

Train with a friend

You can train with a friend or colleague at no extra cost. This session will last for 45 minutes and will be tailored accordingly to both of your fitness needs, ensuring you both get the most out of the session. There will be some interactive exercise where you work together, giving the session a collaborative vibe, and if you really fancy it, a little healthy competition.

Price per session = £65

Monthly package (1 session per week) = £250

Small group training session 

Your small group fitness session is best held your garden or suitable outside location nearby, weather permitting. You’ll need some space to move around fairly freely. These sessions can be great as a weekly workout with friends, they’ll be all the fun of a public group fitness class with the added personal and bespoke touch for you all. The session will last for 45 minutes and requires a minimum of 4 people. You can expect to sweat a lot and laugh even more, and you will certainly feel the effects of the workout.

Price per session = £18 per person (minimum of 4 people)

Esher – Amy Kinnear

Amy is a certified Level 3 Personal Trainer based in Surrey. Amy’s personal training sessions cater for all abilities, and she prides herself on being able to offer up suitable exercise alternatives so that anyone can participate and feel comfortable and safe whilst achieving their fitness goals. 

Amy’s passion for all things fitness derives from her professional dance background. She has an exceptional understanding of body alignment and mobility. This means you’ll be working all aspects of your physical fitness to improve functional everyday movements. You will be building strength whilst increasing your flexibility, meaning you will be fitter all round and more resistant to injury and illness.

As your fitness coach, Amy will strive to educate, empower and support your individual needs and she looks forward to being a part of your fitness journey. She loves working out to banging tunes so be sure to send in your requests for your training session! Originally hailing from Scotland, Amy has a bright and energetic personality. You’ll be sure to leave your strength and conditioning sessions with Amy feeling positive, empowered and revitalised, reaching your fitness goals with a smile on your face. 

Benefits of strength & conditioning training

Building your strength and improving your cardiovascular endurance will give you increased energy levels in daily life. You’ll feel more capable of everyday functional movement, and you will be less prone to injury and illness. Exercising regularly can also help improve sleep issues, thus giving you more energy during your day.


Any form of exercise, and strength and conditioning training is great for improving your mental health, and strength and conditioning training really will boost your “feel good” mood. If you are fitter and stronger overall, you’ll up your levels of self-confidence and self-motivation. It has proven in studies that you’ll also become more productive throughout the day.


It is a common belief that the more cardio-specific exercise we do, the more likely we are to maintain a healthy weight. This is true to a point, however, as we grow older, it is just as important to keep up muscle mass to achieve this. The stronger our muscles, the more calories we burn. Doing cardio training alone can overstress the body and cause us to hold on to excess weight.


Strength and conditioning training will help reduce your risk of injury. You can focus on building the muscles you need for other specific sporting requirements and also for everyday movements. Strong muscles will help support and protect your bones and joints.


Working with a personal trainer to build strength and to condition your body will help you achieve results faster and in a safer manner. You’ll be made accountable for your efforts and progress thus upping your motivation levels, you’ll receive expert guidance on your training technique and you’ll have someone gunning for you the whole way through your strength and conditioning training program in Esher.


How do you know my instructor is “right” for me?

First and foremost, we’ll match you with an instructor close to your chosen training location. Then, you’ll get to have a free of charge preliminary chat with your instructor to discuss your fitness goals and requirements, and to chat about any worries or questions you may have. Once you’re happy, we’ll book you in for your trial session. You can book singular training sessions or a monthly package, so you can start at a pace you feel comfortable with and not be locked into sessions if you’re feeling unsure whether it’s right for you. 


Can I cancel my booking?

We do ask that you give our instructors 48 hours’ notice wherever possible. If you have booked for a single session, you can then either re-arrange for another time, or we can process a refund if you have changed your mind. If you’re on a monthly package, you can re-schedule the session so that you still get your 4 sessions for the month. If less than 48 hours’ notice is given, it is at the instructors discretion as to whether the session can be rescheduled.


What should I wear for my training session?

Comfortable leisure wear should be worn for your strength and conditioning training. It is advisable not to wear clothing that is too bulky as you may feel restricted in your movement, or too baggy as your instructor may not be able to advise you on your technique and form as well as liked. Appropriate footwear should be worn, you can ask your instructor what is best for the type of training you will be doing.


Will you advise me on my diet?

We can evaluate your current dietary habits and offer general advice on where you may be able to improve. However, we won’t build you a meal plan, or offer advice on supplements or any specific dietary requirements. We focus on what we know and what we do best – physical fitness coaching. We will advise you to seek specialist advice from a professional on any other needs you may have.


Can you train me in a gym?

We can train you online whilst you’re at your home gym, or within a gym in your housing development or workplace, if the relevant permissions have been obtained. Otherwise, you have the choice of training in your home or in a suitable outdoor location near your home or workplace.


(re:sculpt)… has been a great support for me to evaluate and start on my workout regime. Amy Kinnear was a great coach for me, she handled me with all my conditions, highly motivating and pushing me to next level. Every session that I had with her was one that I looked forward to every week. Becky was all fun to talk to while onboarding. Great bunch of people who are focused to help people to get fitter. Definitely recommend the duo. 😊

We can’t wait to have you training with re:sculpt!

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