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Who we are

re:sculpt Personal Training is an award-winning fitness agency. We offer tailormade personal training with certified instructors who are extensive in their knowledge and exceptional in their delivery. Instructors can train you online, at your home or workplace, either inside or at an appropriate outside location. This makes us extremely versatile for delivering Pilates workouts. 

Our professional performance trained instructors are highly experienced in a variety of styles of fitness. They can offer you bespoke sessions incorporating elements of more traditional strength training, HIIT and overall body conditioning, alongside more specialized fitness instruction such as Pilates. Exercising your body regularly in a variety of fitness methods has been proven to achieve the best results. It keeps your mind engaged and continually challenges your muscles to develop. 

re:sculpt is the creation of talent manager and fitness instructor, Becky Barrett. Becky originally trained as a professional ballerina and worked with the likes of renowned companies English National Ballet and Gekidan Shiki, Japan. Now, with almost 20 years of fitness and dance instruction experience, and 10 years of managing remarkable talent in the world of live theatre, she has combined her first-rate knowledge to cherry pick the best fitness instructors available to deliver premium fitness instruction to our clients.

Pilates in Putney

What we do

At re:sculpt personal training we are delivering personal training on a new level, with instructors who are professionally performance trained and who have unbeatable personal experience in body and lifestyle improvement. We will guide and encourage you along your fitness journey, helping you to reach your fitness goals. Regular training with us will leave you feeling fresher, fitter and healthier, in both mind and body, because our goal is to ensure your fitness journey is inspirational, motivational and most importantly, successful.

Research has shown that some of the most significant mental obstacles people have when it comes to working out are lack of confidence, insecurities, lack of knowledge, and fear of failure. At re:sculpt personal training, our instructors have originally trained in the performing arts, and they have all faced these exact fears themselves. This means that we have the best instructors possible to allay your worries and concerns, and to help you build your confidence in your abilities. Our instructors will train you online in the privacy of your own home for Pilates workouts. You won’t feel the intimidation or panic of walking into a new gym not knowing what exercise to do and what equipment to use. 

Another common issue for people who want to workout is the lack of time in their day. So, we decided to also alleviate this for you. By us training you online or coming to you for your session, you don’t need to factor in your journey time or worry whether the class is full or equipment available. We’ll create a training plan that works with you and for you. Ensuring you don’t have to miss out on Pilates workouts.

Pilates in Putney Class Options

Our training session options can be held online, inside or outside, weather and space dependent for your comfort.

Personal Training – 1 to 1

This is a one hour personal training workout session, 1 to 1 with your instructor. The session will last for up to an hour, and will focus on strength, conditioning, HIIT and endurance. You’ll be taken through a full-body workout, with the instructor tailoring exercises to focus on your individual requirements. You’ll have a bespoke training plan designed for you to improve your fitness levels over a period of time and to achieve specific goals.

Price per single session = £65

Monthly package (1 session per week) = £250


Private Pilates session – 1 to 1

Your private Pilates session will be a 45 minute, mat-based, 1 to 1 Pilates class. The focus of these sessions will be core strength, stability, mobility, and overall muscle strengthening and conditioning. Private Pilates sessions are best held in an indoor location.

Price per session = £65

Monthly package (1 session per week) = £250


Train with a friend

Train with a friend packages are available for the same cost as a private 1 to 1 session. Double the fun and half the price. The session will last for 45 minutes, and will be a hybrid fitness session involving the best of personal training with the specialism of Pilates added in. You can train with your partner, friend, work colleague, whoever you wish. Bespoke sessions will be tailormade so that both of you gain maximum benefit from it, regardless of any differing fitness levels.

Price per session = £65

Monthly package (1 session per week) = £250


Small group Pilates session 

Your small group Pilates session is best held in an indoor location or your garden, weather and space permitting. Perfect for a workout with friends during your coffee morning, or after work pre catch-up drinks or dinner. These sessions are also a fun and novel way to start a special occasion get together. The session will last for 45 minutes and requires a minimum of 4 people. You can expect to sweat a little and laugh a lot, whilst achieving a great all-over body workout.

Price per session = £18 per person (minimum of 4 people)

About the trainer

Chloe – Pilates in Putney

Chloe is a Level 3 certified Personal Trainer and a qualified Pilates instructor, based in London, who also trained as a musical theatre performer at Italia Conti Performing Arts. As a Personal Trainer and Pilates instructor, Chloe bubbles with enthusiasm and brings a level of understanding and expertise to her sessions that is unparalleled. As a professional performer, she has appeared in hit shows including Mamma Mia! 

Chloe has over 10 years’ experience of working in a sector with a focus on fitness and healthy physicality. She holds exceptional knowledge in how to help others improve their overall wellbeing.

Coming from a performing background, Chloe really has an edge over other instructors with her positive personality. She embraces the overall importance of health and fitness, especially when it comes to maintaining strength and limiting the risks of injury. 

Chloe believes in sharing her passion for fitness with all those who train with her, leaving them feeling fitter, healthier, and happier. Most of all she loves to meet new people and help make a difference in their lives through their fitness experience with her through Pilates workouts.

Benefits of Pilates

Pilates training has a real focus on strengthening your core. It uses your deeper and smaller core muscles that some other forms of exercise just don’t reach. The development of the strong core and deep stabilisation muscles through Pilates is the basis for developing strong and safe functional movement throughout the rest of the body.


Pilates exercises involve many balance-challenging positions, working your stabilisation muscles. This improves your coordination and alignment. It also helps with alleviating any imbalances between the right and left side of the body, and any weaker and stronger opposing muscle groups.


Pilates tends to be a slow and controlled form of movement. This is great for developing stability, endurance and strength in your muscles. Think long and lean rather than bulky, Pilates will also focus on stretching out your muscle groups. You’ll feel taller and your posture will be improved.


Pilates has long been known for its benefits for anyone suffering with chronic back aches and pains. It is also a form of exercise recommended for those rehabilitating from injury. This is due to the emphasis on core strengthening and the non-impact style of workout that it offers.


Pilates explores your range of movement in your joints and limbs in a safe and steady-paced practice. It will develop and improve your mobility and flexibility. This will lead to easier functional movements of the body in everyday life.


What will my Pilates session involve?

Your Pilates session will be a non-impact workout, with a variety of mat-based exercises designed to work your body in a controlled and challenging manner.


What should I wear?

You’ll need to wear comfortable, stretchy clothing for your Pilates session. Light-weight tracksuit bottoms, leggings or shorts, plus a t-shirt or any sports top. As Pilates is all about the alignment of the body, don’t wear anything too bulky. You’ll need a hairstyle that is comfortable for you to lie down.


Do I need any equipment?

An exercise/yoga mat is advisable, but you can just lie on a towel if you don’t have one. Your instructor will bring with them any specific accessories they wish to use. However, if you have any fitness resistance bands or a Pilates ball, have them to hand. A small towel to roll up can be useful for some exercises.


What level of fitness do I need to be?

Pilates caters for everyone, from complete beginners through to advanced sports professionals. Your instructor will discuss your experience with you and will tailor your workout session accordingly, guiding you expertly at the level best for you.


What should I do if I have an injury?

You should always check with a medical professional whether it is recommended for you to start exercising with your particular injury. Once you have the “all clear”, your instructor will work to adapt exercises accordingly so as not to aggravate any issues.

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