Personal Trainers


Our personal trainers and fitness coaches at re:sculpt are fully certified, exceptionally knowledgeable, and extensively trained, with the important addition of outstanding personalities.

They are dedicated and committed to the work they do, are passionate about helping you reach your goals, and will provide you with the energy and expertise to enjoy your workout session.

Each instructor is cherry-picked by the founder of re:sculpt herself, ensuring only the highest of standards.

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Working out isn’t easy, so we work with instructors that are really going to encourage and inspire you, making your workouts enjoyable and helping to keep you on track in your fitness journey.

We believe training schedules should be flexible, depending on your physical and mental needs at the time. You can choose to work with just one instructor, or have variety in your sessions, targeting your fitness requirements.


Our Instructors

Emma Jones

Personal Training, Boxing, HIIT

Emma is a personal trainer specialising in strength and conditioning, boxing and group HIIT sessions. She looks to motivate and encourage clients in order to ensure they meet their goals inside and out of the gym. Emma believes that fitness isn’t just physical but its also about your mentality, working on the inside to help improve the outside. And strives to build body confidence in all her clients. She has a sassy, fire cracker personality but ultimately wants to help people become the happiest, healthiest version of themselves. Emma believes that everyone can achieve any goal with a little bit of determination and the right mindset, which she’ll help you find!

Jamie Corner, Personal Fitness Instructor with Resculpt Personal Trainining specialising in Personal Training and HIIT
Jamie Corner

Personal Training, HIIT

Jamie is personal trainer, delivering classes and tailored programmes to a wide range of clients. He specialises in Strength and Conditioning, and HIIT style training. You will leave his sessions sweaty and feeling like you have accomplished something – every small step further you take per session adds up to a big improvement, be it in technique, knowledge or fitness levels. Or all of the above!


Jade Coles, Personal Fitness Instructor with Resculpt Personal Trainining
Jade Coles


Jade is a yoga teacher and content creator. Her style of yoga is PUN, challenging but also nourishing, allowing people to start their day/end their day right! Jade wants people to leave feeling MIND, BODY & SOUL HAP-PEA and cannot wait to see you OM the mat.

Ashley Runeckles

Personal Training, HIIT

Ashley is a personal trainer. She loves to entertain and educate whilst making others feel good which is why training comes so natural to her. Her specialist areas include resistance training, circuit training, HIIT and flexibility and mobility. She is extremely organised and pays close attention to detail, carefully catering each session to the individual clients wants and needs. She may be small, but she’s strong and mighty, and is eager to share her passion and knowledge with others to help them find the happiest and healthiest versions of themselves.

Tim Edwards, Personal Fitness Instructor specialising in Barre Fitness specialising in Pilates with Resculpt Personal Trainining specialising in Barre Fitness, Boxing and HIIT
Tim Edwards

Boxing, HIIT

Tim is a qualified fitness instructor, specialising in group training. He continually inspires others, and it would appear no fitness challenge is too great for him to take on! If you want high energy, you have come to the right fitness instructor.

Lucie Horsfall, Personal Trainer with specialising in Yoga
Lucie Horsfall


Lucie is a certified Yoga instructor. She offers fabulous Vinyasa flows and calming Hatha yoga practices involving the breath, body and mind, to work on flexibility, strength and balance throughout the whole body.

Steph Parry, Personal Trainer with Resculpt Personal Trainining
Steph Parry

Personal Training, HIIT

Steph is a Level 3 PT, has a passion for fitness and regularly teaches Body Combat, Body Pump, Body Conditioning, Legs Bums and Tums, circuit training and Dance fitness. She specialises in resistance training for women who may feel a little less confident in a gym environment.

Daisy Winter-Taylor, Personal Fitness Instructor specialising in Barre Fitness with Resculpt Personal Trainining
Daisy Winter-Taylor

Barre Fitness

Daisy is a certified Barre instructor, and ISTD/IDTA Ballet teacher. Expect to work hard whilst having the time of your life. Daisy’s classes are all about you feeling amazing, helping you work towards any goals you may have, or just letting everything go and clearing your mind for an hour. She will provide a safe space for you to exceed in something new, build strength and to show up for yourself.


Personal Trainer Amy Kinnear
Amy Kinnear

Personal Training, HIIT

Amy is a Personal Trainer who loves working out to banging tunes so be sure to send in your requests! Amy’s sessions cater for all abilities and she prides herself on being able to offer up exercise alternatives so anyone can participate and feel comfortable and safe. As your coach she will strive to educate, empower and support your individual needs and she looks forward to being a part of your fitness journey.


Chloe Lindsay, Personal Fitness Instructor specialising in Barre Fitness specialising in Pilates with Resculpt Personal Trainining
Chloe Lindsay

Pilates, Personal Training

A professional performer with credits in well-known shows like Mamma Mia, Chloe brings an exceptional personality to her teaching. She is a Level 3 certified PT and a qualified Pilates instructor, who trained as a musical theatre performer at Italia Conti Performing Arts.
As her performing career progressed, she started to really understand the importance of health and fitness, especially when it came to maintaining strength and limiting the chance of injury whilst dancing. Chloe bubbles with enthusiasm and passes her passion on to all those that train with her.


Charlotte Adams

Barre Fitness, Personal Training

Charlotte is a qualified Personal Trainer who has a great understanding of body alignment, strengthening, mobility and stretching. As well as HIIT and resistance-based training, Charlotte also incorporates Barre and Ballet-Fit into her workouts. Charlotte’s aim for all of her classes is to have fun and make a workout enjoyable, so if that’s by working out to your requests of some groovy 80’s music, then she is definitely up for it! Charlotte’s sessions are designed for all abilities and she is always willing to offer any adaptations or variations to clients, so everyone feels comfortable and safe in her class. She prides herself on her motivational skills and her bubbly personality and as your coach she will be here to support you throughout your fitness journey to help you achieve your goals!

Amy Harvey

Personal Training, HIIT

Amy is a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor based in South West London. Amy specialises in HIIT, strength training and killer core workouts! As a Personal Trainer, Amy’s main goal is to get you from where you are to where you want to be, she holds her clients accountable and ensures consistency, but always enables and definitely not dictates, unless you want the push. Amy is all about tailoring plans, exercises and lifestyle choices to your specific needs. Don’t be fooled by Amy’s nice, polite, welsh persona, being nicknamed “The Drill Sergeant” by clients, once the session starts there’s no turning back. Work hard play hard, we’re PT-ing like its our job.


Yoga Instructor Lavinia Kastamoniti
Lavinia Kastimoniti


Lavinia is a Yoga teacher. She was born on a Greek island and very quickly learnt to appreciate the simplicity of life, the natural beauty of nature and the power of the sea. Over the years, Lavinia found a new passion in Yoga and the lifestyle that it represents. Before she knew it, it became such an integral part of her everyday life that the decision to pursue it further and become a teacher was a clear path. She trained and graduated from the wonderful school Yoga Union Bali, where she met some beautiful souls. She looks forward to seeing you on the mat soon!

Maria Winson

Personal Training

Maria is a Qualified Personal Trainer based in North London! Maria hopes to show you how INCREDIBLE the body is and how you can experience the joy of movement and exercise. As a trainer, Maria will guide you through exercises and techniques to strengthen, stabilise and stretch your body! She is smiley, bubbly and her enthusiasm will be the pick-me-up you need any day of the week! You will leave your session feeling happier, healthier and stronger each week! Maria can Personal Train clients 1:1 online or in North London, she will support you every step of the way!

Lilian Nikolic Personal Trainer
Lilian Nikolic

Barre Fitness, Personal Training, HIIT

Lili is a level 3 specialist personal trainer and nutritional coach. Alongside regular training sessions, she is also qualified to accept medical referrals and to support training goals within specific athletic sports. Specialist areas include HIIT, strength and conditioning, flexibility, and barre; all of which can be delivered either 1-1 or as a group session, online or in person, and within both indoor/outdoor environments. Lili is keen to pass on her understanding of fitness as a key contributor for a happy and rewarding life. She believes in training “beneath the armour”, targeting both mind and body to elevate levels of confidence, perseverance, energy and self-love. Whether at the beginning of your fitness journey or looking to push to the next level, Lili is ready to offer dedicated support so that all your physical goals come from a happy and sustainable place.

Jordan Ashmore Personal Trainer
Jordan Ashmore

Personal Training, HIIT

Jordan is a Level 3 Personal Trainer, Level 1 CrossFit Coach and Actor. She is a huge believer of exercise being playful and fun. She specialises in CrossFit style training, weightlifting, HIIT sessions and gymnastics. Jordan believes she can help her clients achieve any goal big or small and wants them to feel strong and empowered both physically and mentally. She wants you to become the happiest powerhouse you can be, squash any stigma that women can’t lift and enjoy the journey of becoming your best self.

Personal Training

Personal training covers a variety of tailored instruction to help with toning, building strength & flexibility, weight loss, improving cardio and overall fitness levels.



Yoga is a physical and spiritual discipline, practised whilst focusing the mind and breathing. It helps improve strength & flexibility, and creates an all-round sense of wellbeing.



Pilates is a form of exercise training designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, and posture, and also enhance mental awareness.


Ballet Fitness

Ballet fitness is a mixture of low impact, high-intensity exercise training, with foundations of ballet technique, designed to work the entire body, strengthening the core and improving posture.