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re:sculpt Personal Training is a vibrant fitness agency, which offers bespoke online personal training, at a convenient location for the client. Already an award-winning agency, re:sculpt Personal Training seeks to make personal training accessible to those who don’t want to join a gym or workout in a gym environment. Bespoke fitness schedules are designed for each individual, catering for all levels of fitness, and all fitness goals. All of re:sculpt Personal Training’s instructors are from professional performance backgrounds, fully certified in their field of expertise , with first-class knowledge and first-rate professionalism in delivery of training sessions.

At re:sculpt Personal Training, our fitness instructors come from training backgrounds whereby they have developed a variety of skills. Exercise types offered include specialisms such as Pilates, yoga, and barre fitness, alongside more traditional forms of personal training such as HIIT sessions, strength and conditioning for clients in Chelsea and Kensington. re:sculpt Personal Training has a belief in providing effective personal training which clients actually enjoy. Instructors are carefully chosen not just for their proficiency, but for their personalities as well. They are amiable, charming, and are really just “good eggs”! We want you to feel fitter from your personal training sessions, and also happier. Our approach is to improve all over wellness of the mind and body.

re:sculpt Personal Training was founded by Becky Barrett during the Covid pandemic. At a time when mental health issues were soaring, Becky wanted to use her 10 years’ experience as a talent manager, combined with her professional background as a ballerina and fitness coach, to bring truly outstanding fitness training to clients who might not have the will or capability of attending a gym or fitness class. Becky genuinely understands how accessing regular exercise with the motivation and support of an instructor can be beyond helpful in the recovery process of mental health issues.

HIIT Chelsea

HIIT in Chelsea Training Options

You can have your personal training HIIT session online at your chosen location. 

Personal Training – 1 to 1

Your personal training session will be roughly an hour long. Prior to your first session, you’ll have a complimentary chat with your designated instructor. You’ll talk through your aims and goals, your likes and dislikes, and discuss any queries or worries you may have. This chat is all about the instructor getting a sense for where to start you with your training program and to get an idea of your personality and how best to approach your training. During your one hour personal training session, you’ll work through a full body workout, with your instructor taking care to monitor your technique and skill levels, so that you get the most out of your session in a safe format. You’ll have elements of HIIT exercises, strength and conditioning exercises, and resistance work. 

Price per single session = £65

Monthly package (1 session per week) = £250

Train with a friend

If you’re looking to add even more fun into your training session or like to add a little bit of friendly competition in to motivate you more, you can bring a friend a long for no extra cost. Your “train with a friend” session will be 45 minutes long, and your instructor will make sure exercises are given that maximise the benefits for both of you, according to your own individual needs and ability. 

Price per session = £65

Monthly package (1 session per week) = £250

Small group training session 

Small group training sessions are great for a group of friends or work colleagues who find working out by themselves just a little bit too intense and want the group buzz. These sessions are most suitable for outside locations, so that you can run and jump around without bumping into each other.  A fabulous form of workout for maximum fun or team bonding, your small group training session will last for 45 minutes and needs a minimum of 4 people of your group. Bring your smiles and your water bottle, you’ll be needing both.

Price per session = £18 per person (minimum of 4 people)

About the trainer

Amy – HIIT sessions and personal training

Amy is a certified Level 3 personal trainer, offering online training sessions. Her specialist training styles are HIIT workouts and all-over body strength training, and she will wrap up your fitness session with a killer core finisher. Amy will tailor your sessions to work with your needs and will offer the variety and training dynamic needed to keep you engaged and looking forward to your next session.

Amy is a charming, Welsh, trained actress, but don’t let this make you think your fitness sessions will be a walk in the park a la Mary Poppins! Amy has focus and determination in abundance. Put her in her training shoes and there is no stopping her! She will work with you to get you from your current state of play to achieving your fitness goals, with firm encouragement and knowledgeable guidance. She will motivate you and hold you accountable to establish consistency in your training program and get you where you want to be, with your HIIT sessions. 

Training with Amy is a fun, fulfilling, and effective personal training experience.

Benefits of HIIT training

HIIT training is a really efficient way to workout. You will use lots of different muscle groups, in all-over body functional movements. Think of how many muscles are used in a burpee! This means you can work muscle groups more in a shorter amount of time. It’s a great form of workout to achieve maximum results, quickly. 


Many of the exercises used in HIIT training are bodyweight exercises. This means that the workout is highly versatile and can be performed anywhere. If you add in just one kettlebell into some of the exercises, you’ll really be upping your game and raising the intensity level.


In a HIIT workout you’ll be raising your heart-rate, working your cardiovascular system, and you’ll also be working your muscles to maximum capacity. This means you’ll be building stamina, strength and endurance.  


HIIT training has been proven to burn more calories than other forms of workouts. Some research has even shown that it can increase your metabolic rate for hours after you have exercises, meaning you’ll keep on burning more calories even when you’re not active.


Performing a HIIT workout will get you sweating. Your blood will be pumping, and your endorphins will be rushing. This type of workout is guaranteed to give you the “feel good” factor. If done properly, you’ll be exhausted but exhilarated. That makes HIIT training in Chelsea and Kensington a great fitness choice for you. 



How do I know what personal trainer will be best for me?

As our training sessions are based online, we will discuss your individual fitness aims to ascertain which instructor is going to be suitable for you with their training style. We will never try to get you to work with an instructor who we don’t feel is going to be a good fit for you. There’s just no point. We don’t lock you into a block of sessions, so in the unlikely event you decide your instructor is not for you, we will simply do our best help you find an alternative. 

What happens if I can’t make my training session?

Life happens, and we get that. However, out of courtesy for our instructors we like to give them 48 hours’ notice if at all possible. Your instructor can then re-arrange your session, or we can offer you a refund if you have completely changed your mind. If you aren’t able to give 48 hours’ notice, it is at the instructor’s discretion as to whether they can re-arrange for no extra fee. We’re nice people, and we’re all human. We do what we can, when we can, to make the process work for you, and for our instructors.

Do I need any equipment?

No, your instructor will have everything they need to offer you a full and effective training session. However, if you do have equipment that can be used, please do let your instructor know as they may be able to add more options for you into the session.

How soon can I expect results?

This really depends on why you are training, what your goals are, what your current fitness ability and level is, and how much training you will be doing yourself outside of your personal fitness session. Don’t expect miracles overnight! You’re in this for the long game, to develop your fitness lifestyle. As with anything worthwhile, it will take time and perseverance.

How much space do I need to train at home?

You’ll need enough room to swing your arms around and jump on the spot without tripping over the cat, hitting the ceiling light, or bashing your shin on the coffee table. When the weather is dry, an outside space can be great. You don’t need loads of room, but equally, you don’t want to feel like you’re dancing on the kitchen table, it won’t make for an enjoyable training session (well, maybe for you but to the instructor!).

We can’t wait to have you training with re:sculpt!

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