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Certified Personal Training in Hoddesdon

Who we are

re:sculpt Personal Training is a new and forward-thinking fitness agency, offering exceptional personal training to our clients without the need for ever stepping foot inside a gym. Tired of hardly ever seeing females in her age group working out at her gym, re:sculpt was founded in lockdown by Becky Barrett, who saw the need for a females to be able to access training in an environment that they feel truly comfortable in, and a location that fits in with busy daily life schedules. Becky has worked within the fitness industry for almost 20 years and has a passion for inspiring others to achieve their goals, to help them feel mentally and physically stronger within their everyday lives. 

Receiving the “Best Fitness Instructor Agency in the South East of England” award in 2021, re:sculpt Personal Training has also been featured within leading publications such as Stylist, Health & Wellbeing and Female First. As an experienced Talent Manager, Becky prides herself in being able to provide re:sculpt clients with only the very best in fitness instructors. With the agency’s ethos to guide clients along a fitness journey that is inspirational and successful, all of the agency coaches excel in their fields of knowledge and have personalities that you want to work with, making them perfect for your Personal Training in Hoddesdon. 

At re:sculpt Personal Training, we don’t believe that one size fits all, and we understand that everyone’s needs are different. Our instructors can incorporate various elements into your training, with many being qualified barre fitness teachers, yoga teachers and Pilates teachers, as well as holding their Level 3 personal training certifications. This means they can offer hybrid training sessions, keeping your interest alive and your fitness experience fresh.

What we do

re:sculpt Personal training offers bespoke personal fitness coaching for females at a convenient location of their choice. We want personal training to not only be more accessible, but a more comfortable experience for the clients we train.

The first thing we do at re:sculpt Personal Training, is get to know you. We’ll have a completely free of charge chat with you to determine an honest and refreshing approach to your fitness needs. If we don’t think we’re right for you, we’ll let you know. We want our clients to feel valued, listened to, and understood. So, if you’re looking for a “run of the mill” PT session to sleepwalk through, we’re probably not the best choice. At re:sculpt Personal Training, we pride ourselves on working with truly fabulous instructors. They are fully certified in their areas of expertise, and they have incredible personalities. Our personal trainers will motivate you, encourage you, and be fully by your side for your fitness journey. 

After you’ve discussed everything you want to with us regarding your upcoming training, we’ll set you up with a trial session with the instructor. During this session, you can get to know what they’re like and how you’ll work together as a team. You’ll work through exercises to gauge your current fitness levels, and the instructor will explore to understand your likes, dislikes and goals for moving forwards. 

And then you’re off and ready to start your new fitness routine! Your instructor will advise a training schedule for you that works with your life but that also means you’ll get the results you’re looking for. We won’t tie you in to any payment contracts, you can pay as you go. If you have any questions along the way, we’re always available on the phone at re:sculpt HQ, ready to chat and happy to help.

Hoddesdon Testimonials

Charlotte’s classes are perfect for what I need, you feel the burn, but with great music and Charlotte’s motivation I feel great after!” 

Amazing barre class, Charlotte’s classes are so welcoming, and they make working out fun


Certified PT Hoddesdon Training Options

We hold our training sessions at a location that is convenient for you, either at your home, workplace or nearby either one, inside or outside dependent on the weather.

Personal Training – 1 to 1

The first part of the personal training process is for you to have a introductory chat with your chosen personal trainer. They’ll discuss with you your training goals and fitness aims, go through any possible weaknesses and highlight any strengths. When this is completed, your instructor will be able to plan your training session and get you booked in. Each personal training session lasts for roughly an hour. You’ll work on strength and conditioning, HIIT exercises, and resistance training. Your exercise program will be tailored to your individual needs and ability. 

Price per single session = £65

Monthly package (1 session per week) = £250

Train with a friend

Your train with a friend option is available to you at no extra charge. Sometimes it’s nice to include your partner in your training journey, so that you can motivate each other, or you might want some friendly competition with a colleague at work. As with your 1-to-1 personal training session, exercises are designed to cater for both of your abilities, so you’ll each get an effective and enjoyable workout. The train with a friend session lasts for 45 minutes.

Price per session = £65

Monthly package (1 session per week) = £250

Small group training session 

The small group fitness session is perfect if you have a group of at least 4 of you who want to either train regularly together or who want a one off session for fun as part of a special occasion or event. For these sessions, we like to use an appropriate outside space so that you have plenty of room to exercise freely and get the full benefit of the session. We can use a suitable inside space if requested, dependent on the size and the numbers of people joining in. Your comfort and safety are paramount to us whilst training. Be prepared to get sweaty in your group session, to interact with others, and have a fun and fulfilling workout.

Price per session = £18 per person (minimum of 4 people)

About the trainer

Charlotte – certified PT Hoddesdon

Charlotte is a certified personal trainer, offering fitness sessions in Hoddesdon and surrounding areas. A naturally empathetic and receptive instructor, Charlotte is fabulous at building confidence in her clients, and at working at a pace that is encouraging and effectual. Together with HIIT and resistance training, Charlotte specializes in Barre Fitness, incorporating it into her workouts to work the body in a challenging and interesting form of exercise. She has excellent knowledge of body alignment, postural, mobility, flexibility and functional strength training. 

Training with Charlotte will be enjoyable, and if you have a love for 80s music, you’re really on to a winner here! She caters for all ability levels, and is great at adapting exercises for each individual, adding in variety wherever possible to keep the workout interesting and fun. Charlotte’s aim is to make all clients feel 100% comfortable in her training sessions. She is a fantastic motivator and strives to support and guide all of her clients fully throughout their training journey with her.

If you’re looking for a certified personal trainer who will help you achieve the fitness resul

certified PT Hoddesdon

Benefits of personal training

A personal trainer is the best form of motivation for helping you achieve your fitness aims. It’s their job to get you to where you want to be, and they are passionate about it. If you’re achieving, they’re achieving. They will be right by your side, combatting the voice in your head which tries to talk you out of your goals.

Your personal trainer will offer you unbiased, objective training. They are there to help you be the very best version of yourself. They will offer you a professional, safe and effective training program, guiding you along the way with 100% focus on your needs.

They will hold you accountable for your actions. It is the most natural thing for anyone in the world to find an excuse for not doing something, or for not doing something for as long as or as well as you could be. With somebody by your side, spurring on, you will achieve far more than if you go it alone.

Personal trainers know their stuff. They will teach you correct and safe form and technique whilst you are training. This will help minimize your risk of injury and will make your workout a more enjoyable experience for you.

Working with a personal trainer will help to boost your confidence and self-esteem. They will help alleviate any of your fears towards certain exercises of forms of workout, and they will work with you to develop your mindset, bringing you a positive outlook on your fitness lifestyle.


Do I need a personal trainer?
If you need help with motivation, accountability, fitness and exercise knowledge, workout support and guidance, hitting certain fitness goals, then a personal trainer is definitely for you. Having your own personal trainer is invaluable for getting you started on a fitness journey, and also for pushing your fitness skills to levels you might not have even considered yet.

How often should I work with my personal trainer?
This depends entirely on the individual. We recommend at least once a week for beginners so that you can really reap the benefits. For clients more experienced with fitness, you could see your PT once a fortnight, if you feel confident and capable of sticking to your exercise routine without the weekly check-in.

Should I train with an injury?
This will depend on what the injury is and whether the instructor we have available for you is experienced with working around the type of injury. We always ask for you to gain the go ahead for exercise from your GP or relevant medical professional. The last thing anybody wants is for you to exacerbate any pre-existing issues.

Can my partner come to my training session with me?
You can bring your partner to your training session to either join in with you, at no extra cost, or to offer support from the side-lines. We do ask that if your partner is not training with you, they remain a safe distance from your training space, and let you focus on the session at hand. If they are likely to cause a distraction to you, it is not recommended they come along, as you will not enjoy your session as much and you risk injury to yourself from lack of concentration.

Do I need to do anything before my first training session?
We’ll send you out some paperwork to read through and fill in before you start training with a re:sculpt personal trainer. This is for everyone’s benefit, ensuring we are all aware of any reasons that might affect your training, so that training programs can be created and adapted accordingly, and so that we can offer you the very best training experience possible.

We can’t wait to have you training with re:sculpt!

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