Why go it alone?

Why go it alone?

Why go it alone?


We can all have varying needs when it comes to fitness. However, with the statistics showing us that we’re 70% more likely to achieve our fitness goals when we workout with a friend, why go it alone? Yes, there will be times when you need some head space and your own focus time, and of course, you should still have these types of workouts too. But let’s look at our top 6 reasons why you should be syncing some of your training schedule with a friend.



There’s no denying it, when you’re working out with someone else you can egg each other on and motivate each other to work harder. If one of you is feeling a tad “not in the mood”, the other one can help pick you up and spur you on. Research has shown that women who workout together are 64% more likely to push their limits in their workout.



If you have scheduled a workout with a friend, you are far less likely to make up an excuse for not doing it. You can’t let your mate down! They’re not going to let you get away with any lame excuses as to why today just isn’t going to happen for you. You will be held fully accountable because the guilt trip of a “no show” just isn’t worth it. Unthinkable.

Why go it alone?

Why go it alone?


Who doesn’t love a bit of friendly competition?! Let’s face it, it’s healthy for us. It’s natural, and it means you’ll both achieve more from your workout. If you see your friend pushing the speed on her treadmill, the chances are you’re going to be asking yourself whether you couldn’t go that bit faster too. No need to get carried away though, “friendly” is the word to remember here….



Working out with a friend is guaranteed to be more fun. You’ll sweat together and you’ll laugh with each other when something doesn’t pan out as planned. You can make exercises more interesting by working together. You’ll catch up on each other’s daily dramas and you’ll feel a real connection. As human beings we need this feeling of comradery at times. It’s healthy, it puts a smile on our faces.


Learning process

You’ll definitely learn a few things along the way on your fitness journey. There will be some exercises you can’t get to grips with, and there will be some that come naturally to you. You and your training partner can share these experiences and helpful tips, so that you both learn faster. You can monitor each other and try to help each other with any areas of difficulty.



Ah yes, the post-workout session. What could be better than going for a coffee or lunch with your friend after a full-on workout? You’ll have earned this, so kick back and relax together, and look forward to your next training session.



Written by Becky Barrett