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Why fitness should be part of our lifestyles

Our top 8 reasons why fitness should be part of our lifestyles


2022 is all about people having variety in their exercise routines, bringing fitness into our everyday lives so that it becomes “normal”. Fitness shouldn’t be an effort; it should be a natural part of our weekly plans. We should incorporate it as a “go to” activity for ourselves, friends, and families. Why you ask? Here are our top 8 reasons why fitness should be part of our lifestyles.


1. Decreases risk of illness

It has been proven in countless studies that regular exercise improves your physical health. Your cardiovascular system will be stronger and more efficient, your muscles and bones will be stronger. Your overall bodily functions will be better and more capable of fighting off, and preventing, illnesses and infections.


2. Increases energy levels

With increases in physical strength and improved cardiovascular endurance, you will find you have higher energy levels. Regular exercise can also help with sleep patterns, giving you more energy throughout the day.


3. Improves mental health

Exercise is one of the leading recommendations given to those suffering from depression or anxiety. When you exercise, it releases endorphins within your body. These can help you feel more positive and more able to cope.

4. Reduces risk of injury

Stronger muscles and stronger bones equal more support for your body throughout daily movements. This is of particular importance as we age and our bone density and muscle mass start to decrease. We naturally become weaker and more prone to falling and strains and fractures. Exercising regularly helps reduce these negative effects that the aging process has on our bodies.


5. Helps maintain healthy weight levels

Exercise burns calories. Certain forms of exercise such as HIIT training (high intensity interval training) are known to help your body keep burning extra calories throughout the day, even after you’ve finished working out. The maintenance of a healthy weight will help reduce the likelihood of certain illnesses such as diabetes and cancer. It is therefore a key factor to consider.


6. Decreases stress levels

We’re back on those endorphins again. Exercise just makes you feel good and helps to reduce your stress levels. If you’re prone to bottling up your anger, a high impact, sweaty workout session is guaranteed to release this and to take the edge off. If you’re feeling tense and on edge, a hot yoga flow or light-hearted barre fitness class can be exactly what you need to calm you down.


7. Improves self esteem

When we look after ourselves, we feel good. Knowing that you’re spending time improving your mind and body will leave you feeling happier and more confident. Regular exercise will without a doubt boost your self-esteem and put a smile on your face.


8. Boosts productivity levels

Along with increased energy levels comes increased productivity. You’ll have more focus, and you’ll be able to get more done. With a regular fitness routine, you’ll lose that afternoon energy slump. You’ll be fitter, stronger, more mentally alert, and ready to take on the world.


Written by Becky Barrett