benefits of pilates

The Top 10 Benefits of Doing Pilates

10 benefits of Pilates

Originally developed by Joseph Pilates in the early Twentieth Century, Pilates is renowned worldwide for its many benefits. We’ve listed our top 10 below for you:

  1. Stronger core muscles.

    Pilates training has a significant emphasis on core strengthening work. It develops your deeper and smaller core muscles. For instance, the ones that can often be overlooked and forgotten about in other workouts.

  2. Improved balance and alignment.

    Pilates exercises involve a lot of balance work and work on alignment. This evens out any weaker muscles with their opposing stronger muscles.

  3. Improved posture.

    The development of the core muscles, balance and alignment in turn help to improve your posture. As a result, this provides your body with the strength and muscle balance needed to support your spine. You’ll feel taller and more poised.

  4. Rehabilitation purposes.

    Joseph Pilates used his knowledge and exercises to rehabilitate injured soldiers in WWI. Because Pilates is a low-impact form of exercise, it is excellent for anyone recovering from ankle, knee and hip injuries.

  5. Muscle Toning.

    Pilates is perfect for helping create a long and lean muscle tone, rather than bulking. The exercises lengthen and stretch out your muscles whilst you work, as well as building that all-important strength.

  6. Improved flexibility.

    Amongst the world of ballerinas and dancers, Pilates is an absolute winner. With its stretching and strengthening properties, it is unbeatable in improving flexibility without losing stability to support the joints. This is imperative for the intense physical motions dancers go through.

  7. Joint mobility.

    Pilates exercises help maintain and improve your range of movement. They do this in a functional and safe way. The risks of injury are minimized. The use of resistance work is particularly beneficial for loosening tight areas.

  8. Relief for chronic back pain.

    The strengthening of the core and stabilising muscles will help improve back pain by balancing out the body. They will improve your range of motion and flexibility of the spine. Your corrected posture will ensure any alignment issues impacting on back pain are minimised.

  9. Mental health benefits.

    All exercise is beneficial for your mental health. It is recommended by health authorities and mental health organisations as a good alternative remedy to use regularly. Pilates is similar to yoga. You’ll maintain focus and concentration throughout the class. Because of this it leaves you with a sense of wellbeing and calm after a session. You’ll exercise your brain as well as your body.

  10. Improved performance in other sports.

    When practicing other sports, your body can become unbalance and misaligned. This is due to favouring one arm or leg in your movements. This can sometimes lead to repetitive injuries. Pilates balances your body, ensuring muscular symmetry, as a result minimizing the risk of injury.


Written by Becky Barrett.

Becky Barrett is an international talent manager and personal fitness coach with over 15 years’ professional experience and a 1st class Honours degree in Business & Law.

Driven by her unique values of compassion and a holistic approach to talent management, Becky has devised an innovative solution to take on the fitness industry with a brand-new personal fitness concept that aims to inspire and boost ‘new normal’ approaches to exercise routines.

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