Our top 5 benefits of Plyometric exercise

Our top 5 benefits of plyometric exercise


Plyometrics are exercises which involve explosive movements. Think burpees, squat jumps, box jumps, and jumping lunges a starter. These might not be appealing to you as they’re not necessarily the most exciting moves to put on repeat. However, regular training with plyometrics has some great benefits for you. With this form of training, you don’t even need loads of different types of equipment, so it is great for those that find the idea of using the various weights machines slightly daunting. Here are our top 5 benefits of plyometric exercise:

Increases strength and speed

Due to the explosive motion of the movements, you are really focusing on building your muscle power. This happens because the exercises improve your muscles’ ability to stretch and contract at speed. You will be increasing the efficiency of your fast-twitch muscle fibres. Increased power means you can exert more strength at speed. We’re not talking about muscle size and bulking. You don’t need to be a bodybuilder to be powerful, and that’s the beauty of plyometrics.

Increases endurance

Plyometrics are generally high-intensity movements. Your body will train to produce more force whilst using less energy. This means you will be increasing your endurance. The advantages of this will translate into other forms of exercise you may do, and also into your daily life. You’ll have more consistent energy levels and increased stamina.

Burns calories

Muscles need more energy than fat. As you grow stronger and build muscle mass, it therefore follows that you will burn more calories as you exercise. With the high intensity of the movements, plyometrics will help improve your metabolic rate. Meaning you could still be burning extra calories for up to 48 hours after your workout. Extra burpees today, anyone?!

Helps develop stronger bones

Plyometrics are explosive movements that involve jumping and resistance. These types of exercises will help with the prevention of osteoporosis by increasing the density of your bones. This is of particular importance as our bodies get older. The density of our bones naturally starts to diminish at the age of 30 by 1 to 2 percent each year!

Improves coordination

Jumping around and moving in different directions, at speed, whilst using your whole body is going to improve your coordination. You’ll notice the improvement whilst performing the exercises, and also the benefits of it in everyday life. Good coordination is such a benefit and helps minimize your risk of injury.



Written by Becky Barrett