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Who we are

re:sculpt was created by Becky Barrett, whose ambition is to make premium personal training available to those who don’t wish to train in a gym, with instructors who are exceptionally knowledgeable in their specialisms and engaging in their personalities. Having originally trained and worked as a professional ballerina with companies such as English National Ballet and Gekidan Shiki, Japan, Becky has spent the majority of her life learning about health and fitness and has taught at various locations internationally for almost 20 years. She understands the physical and mental demands we can put our bodies through, and as of more recently, how our bodies need to adapt to training as we get older. 

With award-winning status, re:sculpt prides itself in only working with instructors who are not only highly experienced, but who are passionate about the sessions they teach and the clients they work with. Our certified fitness instructors will deliver your personal training sessions with expertise and enthusiasm.  Becky, alongside your instructor, will be on hand throughout your training schedule to guide you, support you, and motivate you. This is true personal training.

Barre Fitness Ealing

What we do

re:sculpt Personal Training offers bespoke personal fitness coaching with exceptionally talented fitness instructors. At re:sculpt Personal Training, we train you online so the location is convenient for you. This is usually your home or a suitable outside space nearby, but also your workplace if appropriate. By offering this first-class service, we remove the need for a gym membership, we remove extra travel time from your day, and we allow you to train in a location where you feel 100% comfortable.

At re:sculpt Personal Training we believe in offering hybrid fitness training, with many of our instructors specialising in a variety of fitness training styles. This ensures you receive the most effective workout for your body. Our instructors are specifically chosen not just for their expertise, but for their winning personalities. Personal training should be enjoyable and should put a smile on your face. It’s an hour of the day for you to treat yourself to some supreme fitness self-care. 

Your training journey with re:sculpt will start with a complimentary evaluation of your fitness needs, where we’ll help pinpoint your goals and discuss any concerns you may have. We value integrity and honesty, if we can’t offer you what we think would be best for you, we won’t recommend that you train with us. Simple. We value your health and fitness requirements, and we want you to receive training that is going to work with you and for you. 

Following your initial chat with your instructor, we’ll get you booked in for a trial training session. You’ll get to know your fitness instructor better and will devise a bespoke plane of action for moving forwards with your training. re:sculpt’s founder, Becky Barrett, will personally check in with you along your training journey to ensure you are completely satisfied and happy with your personal training regime. This is what makes re:sculpt the ideal choice for Barre Fitness.

Barre Fitness in Ealing Training Options

Private Barre Fitness session – 1 to 1

Your private Barre Fitness session will be a 45 minute class. The focus of these workouts will be low impact, strength and conditioning exercises, with a foundation in basic ballet and Pilates movements. You will be strengthening your core stability, and your alignment and postural muscles, providing a solid foundation to then work on the toning and endurance of your leg and arm muscles. An indoor location is preferable for your private Barre Fitness sessions.

Price per session = £65

Monthly package (1 session per week) = £250

Train with a friend

Your train with a friend package will be the same overall price as a private 1 to 1 session. This session will last for 45 minutes and will involve the same workout style as your private Barre Fitness training session. You don’t need to worry if you and your chosen fitness buddy are at differing fitness levels, the session will be tailored accordingly so that you both reap the rewards fully.

Price per session = £65

Monthly package (1 session per week) = £250

Small group Barre Fitness session 

A small group Barre Fitness training session is a great addition to your weekly coffee morning with your friends, or as a lunchtime option to break up your day. We’ve even had people book a session as part of their hen do – tutus usually make an appearance for these ones! The class will be 45 minutes long and we require a minimum of 4 people per class. Barre Fitness is a fabulously fun workout to do with your friends.

Price per session = £18 per person (minimum of 4 people)

About the trainer

Daisy – Ealing

Daisy is a certified Barre Fitness instructor, alongside being a qualified and experienced Pilates instructor and ISTD/IDTA ballet teacher, based in London. Daisy’s barre fitness sessions will work your full body, in a challenging but low-impact form. You can expect to work hard and love every minute of it. Her years of teaching experience will ensure you are receiving exceptionally knowledgeable instruction, together with a professional and highly personable teaching style.

Daisy focuses on working towards any goals you have, alongside prioritising making you feel good in yourself. She will provide a safe space for you to excel in your fitness efforts, building strength and working muscles that you probably didn’t even know existed. She believes exercise should be available for everyone and caters her sessions expertly for all levels and abilities. 

Daisy’s naturally empathetic nature and sunny disposition will mean you walk out of your session feeling truly sublime. She will listen to your individual needs and aims, and through careful tailoring of your session will guide you gently out of your comfort zone, developing your workout to gain the results you seek with a friendly and effective style of training. That makes her perfect for your Barre Fitness requirements.

Benefits of Barre Fitness

Barre Fitness improves your posture and teaches you how to carry yourself with poise. This in turn will boost your self-confidence, and you might even actually add an inch to your height!


With the foundations of Barre Fitness deriving from ballet technique, you can be sure you will be toning and strengthening in a way that doesn’t bulk your muscles. Think long and lean muscle tone, plus the exercising of smaller muscle groups you may not have discovered before.


Barre Fitness has a real focus on core strengthening. This will improve your overall stability and help prepare you to work your full body in a safe manner. Building core strength is the key to helping prevent back issues developed from either poor posture or from over-working muscles without that essential core support.


Barre Fitness will improve your flexibility. This will lead to more fluid and easier everyday functional movements, particularly as you age. This increased flexibility combined with the strength you are developing, will help minimise your risk of injury. 


You might be surprised to discover that regular Barre Fitness training will enhance your mental focus, and of course, it will improve your coordination. This will give you benefits that you’ll find useful in other parts of your daily life.


What is barre fitness?

Barre fitness works all of your muscles, even your smallest ones that you can’t reach with other workouts, through isometric movement. This is a low-impact form of exercise, great if you really want to focus on safe movement, if you’re suffering from past injuries or limited mobility. Don’t be fooled though, barre fitness is intense, your muscles will be shaking whatever your level of fitness!


What should I wear for my barre fitness session?

Comfortable, lightweight leisurewear is recommended, preferably form-fitting so that your instructor can really work on your alignment and technique. You don’t need ballet shows, socks are just fine. Feel free to pop your hair in a bun for the ballerina vibe, but probably best not to wear your tutu!


Does it matter if I’ve never done ballet before?

Absolutely not. Barre fitness takes some of its core moves from ballet, but you don’t need to have any prior knowledge or experience. As with any personal fitness training, your session will be tailored for you and the instructor will work you at a pace and level suitable for your needs.


I have a sore lower back, is it okay for me to train?

Barre fitness does include a focus on working your turnout muscles, which, depending on the reasons for your back pain, could irritate this issue. Be sure to get the go ahead from your GP or relevant medical professional before training and discuss with your instructor so they can modify exercises accordingly.

Do I need any equipment?

If you’re a complete beginner, it is most likely you will start with bodyweight exercises, working on your posture, core strength, muscular endurance and flexibility. As you progress, light weights and resistance bands may be introduced.

We can’t wait to have you training with re:sculpt!

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