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re:sculpt Personal Training is an award-winning fitness agency, offering bespoke online fitness coaching.

We specialize in providing certified instructors from professional performance backgrounds, who are extensively trained, highly professional, and extremely personable.

Get the results you want with an enjoyable fitness program.

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Get in touch via our quick contact form, and we’ll book you in for our complimentary telephone consultation. We’ll learn what fitness styles will work for you and talk you through your training options.

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During your introductory fitness session with us we’ll discuss your fitness levels, and your future fitness goals. We’ll show you our approach for fitness training and you’ll be able to ask any questions you may have. We’ll create a workable training schedule for you. 



We’ll look after you along your fitness journey, providing extra guidance whenever you need it. Our personal training is the ultimate in personable. 

This really is bespoke personal training.

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Our Aims

We provide exceptional online personal training on a new level, with professionally trained instructors who have unbeatable personal experience in body and lifestyle improvement. We believe in offering you an exceptional fitness service, guiding and helping you along your fitness journey, to leave you feeling fresher, fitter and healthier, in mind and body.


We offer a range of hybrid fitness sessions including Personal Training, Yoga and Pilates, Barre Fitness, Strength Training, Strength & Conditioning, Boxing and HIIT.

Our goal at re:sculpt Personal Training is to ensure your fitness journey is inspirational, motivational and most importantly, successful.


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Our Training Values

We believe training schedules should be flexible, depending on your physical and mental needs at the time. You can choose to work with just one instructor, or have variety in your sessions. We’ll provide you with the very best in personal training, targeting your individual fitness requirements.

We truly offer a personalised training service, which gets you results in an enjoyable way.


Our Personal Approach

At re:sculpt Personal Training, we have extensive experience, and we will be with you every step of the way. We are very specific about the instructors we will work with, meaning you only get trained by the best of the best.

Join our fitness community and we will help motivate and inspire you along your fitness journey.

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Why Are We Different?

At re:sculpt Personal Training, we live to go the extra mile for our clients.

Working out isn’t easy, so we cherry pick instructors who can deliver supreme training sessions with encouragement and inspiration,  making your workouts enjoyable and helping to keep you on track in your fitness journey.

Founder of re:sculpt Becky Barrett, has over 15 years professional experience as a fitness coach and talent manager.

Driven by her honest approach to people management and coaching, Becky launched re:sculpt to help more people discover their personal fitness journey.

She delivers a bespoke approach to fitness that truly considers every individual’s requirements.


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Specialist Instructors

Exceptionally trained professional instructors from performance backgrounds. This gives us an unbeatable edge in knowledge and allows us to provide hybrid fitness training in  many techniques and styles.

  • Strength training
  • Cardio & Conditioning
  • Pilates & Yoga
  • Barre Fitness
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